Adwoa Badoe's BETWEEN SISTERS Book Launch

Date: SAT December 4 2010
Time: 3:00 - 5:00pm
Venue: River of Life Church, 3 Watson Road South, Guelph

Contact: Adwoa; 519 766 9240;

Between Sisters is an urban coming of age story  which is set in Ghana, and tells the story of sixteen year old Gloria, as she navigates her life against the hazards of poverty and exploitative relationships  to find her dreams.
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This is an important book in light of the challenges of the developing world, the needs of young people and the universailty of themes worldwide. It is also powerfully descriptive of the dilemmas of the developing world and the girl child in particular. Gloria's voice is honest and likeable and through her one can see the sights, smell the aromas and taste the many flavours of Ghana.

This book is a must read for globally connected people and everyone who has a dream and passion for th developing world of Africa.

Review by Beverley Brenna, Special to The StarPhoenix
Nudged into a corrupt world where adults prey on young girls for sexual favours, Gloria slips but regains her balance in a journey that is both a captivating glimpse of life in Ghana and a universal picture of an adolescent in difficult circumstances trying to make her way. Young girls tempted by the powerful messages offered by gang culture would do well to consider Gloria's story as a safe way of unpacking the results of personal choices. Highly recommended for ages 13 and up.

Review by  Catherine Thompson The Kirchener Record
Set in Badoe’s native country of Ghana in Western Africa, the book is filled with fascinating details about daily life there: the elaborate national day festivities, the spicy snacks sold on street corners, the agony of enduring three hours of painful hair-tugging for a new, braided hairstyle, the ever-present lure of emigration to wealthier Western nations.
The dilemmas young Gloria faces are quite compelling — so much so I found myself staying up far too late to keep reading. This is a book that will appeal not only to young readers facing questions not so different from those Gloria is grappling with — but to readers of all ages.