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        Exploring & Promoting the Arts of Africak
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Fulé Badoe.

Fulé has a passion for rhythm and it shows. Born in Ghana, West Africa, Fulé was exposed to the beauty and power of traditional African drumming and dancing from a very early age. Though he trained as an architect, Fulé is now a dynamic facilitator, instructor, educatior and motivational speaker.

In his instruction of African traditional rhythms to both kids and adults, his belief is that ‘We all have rhythm inside of us. We just need to bring it out’.

For the past 8 years Fulé has promoted and taught African drumming in elementary schools, colleges and universities in Ontario, where he believes ‘rhythm helps to promote focus, self esteem, respect of oneself and others’.

His dynamic style and unique teaching approach enable people learn complex African rhythms within a short period of time.

Fulé is also a vibrant Facilitator for team building and CORPORATE ENTERTAINMENT.

Fulé leads the enegetic and dynamic drum group of JIWANI African Dance & Drum Troupe.

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