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AfroCulture exists to  make the African Cultural Arts accessible to all as a tool for community building, relaxation and pleasure, as well as to  promote and inspire African Cultural Arts development and appreciation among all people.

We wish to offer the essence of Africa to people everywhere to foster global awareness and unity. In this age of great technological advances there is a need for people to arrive at the basics of community and the appreciation of the simplicities of life's gifts, attainable by all.

We want people everywhere to connect easily. We want people to love to perform with their community and for their community. We want people to always remember others who may have a need of some gift to make them whole.

AfroCulture PHILOSOPHY on Drumming and Dance:

Rhythm is the music of life. It flows from the Creator and is all around us in nature. Find the right rhythm and the potential is endless for creative expression.  Rhythm is the potential to let go.   When we drum, we heal.

African Dance is a great point of entry in a wholly physical appreciation of rhythm. Dance internalizes rhythm in a unique way and African Dance is the tangible earthy communication between the body and the rhythm.

The movements are closely related to nature and are therefore very accessible to both children and adults. African Dance provides excellent aerobic exercise and improves flexibility. It is mood uplifting and provides an antidote to stress.

There is always a great sense of fun, achievement and community among the dancers and drummers. No wonder so many people are joining in the fun and making use of classes and workshops everywhere.

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Exploring & Promoting the Arts of Africa